26 May Put some HEART into your user adoption plans

The best way to drive user adoption is to start early, really think about what matters to the people in your organisation and put some HEART into your user adoption plans with this checklist.

is for human – your staff is a collection of human beings. They are your greatest asset – it’s people that change how they do their jobs not technology.

E is for engagement – engage the people who will be expected to use the technology and share your plans with them long before the installers roll in.

A is for ask – ask yourself ‘Do you like doing what you’re told – without any explanation or justification?’ Ask them what they think and feel. The more you understand their perspectives, the more effectively you can overcome objections and encourage positivity.

R is for respect – we all want to feel respected and valued so show your employee you respect their opinions by listening to them and acting on their concerns.

T is for test and train. Give them a chance to test out the technology for themselves before you deploy. Encourage and welcome feedback. Ensure your training is relevant, highly interactive and build confidence as well as competence.

If you can win their hearts and minds, then you will be well on the way to achieving your goals.

If you’d like to find out how your organisation can drive user adoption effectively, then get in touch.