16 Jun Don’t let the demo lose the deal

Have you ever lost a deal you know you should have won?

We all have of course, and sometimes we’re lucky enough to discover why. Recently this happened to a very familiar name in AV; when they asked the buyer why they’d lost out, they were told simply – the demo. The competition’s demo was so much better it tipped the balance.

So, you might ask, what makes one demo better than the other? You might assume the problem lies with

1  The knowledge of the presenter

2  The quality of demonstrator’s presentation skills

3  Or perhaps the reliability of the presentation tech used

Of course, all are important, but ask yourself: ‘Did we actually demonstrate how the product would be useful to the customer?’

Since 78% of projects are sold on the technology not on the usefulness of the technology, I suspect the answer in many cases is ‘no’. We get hooked up on all the features and let buttonology blind us and our prospective clients as to how the technology will actually benefit them.

A good demo is about your customer and not your product. It presents your product in terms of how it benefits their organisation and their users. It takes lots of preparation. It means you have to prepare a bespoke presentation each time.

No, it’s not easy. And yes, it takes time. That’s why we provide demo services to our channel partners. And, by the way, it was us that did the demo that won that deal. So if you suspect your demos are winning you deals then get in touch today.