09 Jun Managing the 5G workplace

There are often five generations working side-by-side in any workplace today. That means you could have school leavers working with colleagues of their parents', grandparents' or even great-grandparents' generation. While each person is an individual, not a stereotype, each generation is generally regarded as having a collective...

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02 Jun Understanding the emotional side of user adoption

Successful deployments of new technology focus on people, not technology. That can be easy to say but difficult to do. Any organisation from a big corporate to a small business, a charity or a school is likely to have a diverse mixture of people in it. These...

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17 May How to overcome resistance to change

The corporate trend to agile collaborative working is the major driver of investment in AV and UC technology, but changing the way you work comes with major challenges. Despite good intentions, research has shown 50%–75% of change efforts fail and for those that do succeed many don’t...

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11 May Does the happiness of your employees matter?

Does it matter whether or not your employees are happy? Indeed it does. It matters a great deal. Why? Because morale and productivity go hand in hand. The commonly used term for happy staff is 'engaged employees'. Gallup defines engaged employees as those who are involved in, enthusiastic about...

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27 Apr A question of agility

Agility - the ability to think or act quickly. So why is this a hot trend in the workplace? Agile is the term being used to describe a new way of working, that is more productive and flexible. Well, it is if and when the switch to...

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27 Apr Alex Hunt joins Instrui

Instrui welcomes Alex Hunt to the team as Product Trainer. Alex joins us from GV Multimedia, one of the UK's premier AV solutions providers. Coming from a reseller background with both sales and account management experience, Alex brings a deep understanding of how best to support our channel...

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21 Apr Don’t put the iPad in the dishwasher

This hilarious video may be in German but actually, it needs no words at all to get its drift. While you're chuckling away, think about this. The AV equivalent to this scenario happens all the time. Buyers and seller get so excited about the wow factor - the...

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78-percent-projects-not sold on-usefulness-or-seability

13 Apr What exactly are you selling?

Did you know that 78 percent of projects are sold based on the technology and not its usefulness to the customer or its usability? Perhaps the supplier assumes it will be both useful and usable. Perhaps the procurement and IT teams handling the purchase assume the people...

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