28 Sep How to end the empty desk dilemma

British offices are occupied only 42% of the time, a study by workspace designers Vrumi found. That’s a lot of wasted expenditure on office space and services, sitting empty and unused, for any organisation, especially one in an area like London with soaring rents and property...

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Usage matters

22 Sep Winning hearts and minds

Did you know that in 52% of technology rollouts, the users are not engaged in the process – the technology just ‘happens’ to them. Given that employee resistance is the one of the major challenges to be overcome when introducing new technology, this is not a...

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why user adoption matters

16 Sep Low adoption = no value = no ROI

Low adoption = no value = no ROI. It is a universal truth – whatever the technology or the organisation and not a problem restricted to interactive collaboration technology investment. We came across this excellent infographic from Aon Hewitt recently. They provide an outsourced HR service via...

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Instrui quoted in AV News article on user training

08 Sep Training – an essential tool for user adoption

"Training is no longer a Cinderella discipline" but rather "an essential tool for developing user adoption". That's the conclusion of an insightful article in AV News this month, which is well worth a read (just click the link provided). AV News argues that training has a...

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07 Jul Join Pip Thomas at AV Connect

Instrui User Adoption specialist, Pip Thomas, will explain how and why to put the user at the centre of any major investment in collaboration at AV Connect York on Wednesday 20th July, hosted by Saville AV. The emergence of collaborative technology has the potential to provide the...

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30 Jun User adoption matters

Let me tell you a story about 100 SmartBoards installed at a university. There was no user engagement - no users, lecturers or students, were involved in the process of purchase and installation, there was no communication and no training, and guess what, less than...

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Instrui user adoption video

01 Jun Check out our user adoption video

Our user adoption new video is out now. This short video walks you through why user adoption matters; how usage drives value and why winning the hearts and minds of users is the secret of a successful deployment of new technology. All too often, the people in...

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13 Apr Become an Instrui trainer

Instrui is looking to expand its network of freelance trainers, specialising in collaboration, digital signage, interactive touch and video conferencing. “We’re responding to rising demand for user training by expanding our team of freelance trainers,” says Instrui Director, Pip Thomas.  “We’re looking for great trainers who...

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13 Apr User adoption guide out now

The Instrui User Adoption Guide 2016 is available now. Entitled ‘How you can harness the power of technology’, the guide explains how user adoption maximises the value of an investment in technologies and walks you through the four key stages of the process. “Effective use is...

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