Value On Investment

Only sustained effective use unlocks the value of new technology

Reduced IT Support

Helpdesk calls fall when technology users grow in confidence and competence


Familiarity with technology boosts user experience leading to happy users

Adoption Matters

Why User Adoption Matters

Even the most intuitive technology can be confusing when we first try to use it so early days are crucial to winning user hearts and minds. Once users decide the tech is too complicated or irrelevant, they’ll abandon it, leaving you with a white elephant. It doesn’t have to be that way. Driving user adoption is the key to great user experience and a successful deployment. Here’s how…

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Our Services

User Product

Hands-on memorable training that gets users comfortable with your new product and confident to use it in their work life

User Room

Bespoke coaching-style training that familiarises your staff with all the tech in the room and drives room and tech utilisation

Presentation Coaching

All the tools and techniques you need in order to become a more engaging, influential and powerful presenter and communicator

User Adoption Consultancy

Our consultants help you understand how new technology will impact users, design strategies to drive adoption and measure success


Subscription-based training plans to drive adoption and embed use with a mix of in-person and online training that supports your users throughout the year


Draw on our range of services for suppliers from pre-sales and tender support, end-user training, demo services and sales and tech training

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