01 Oct How to get better at collaboration

What exactly does it mean when someone says 'you need to get better at collaboration'? The definition of collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce something, but then it also means traitorous cooperation with the enemy, so what we have to think about is...

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26 Sep Take a tour of our Training Hub

Welcome to our new Training Hub. Let us show you around. Our sparkling new Training Hub is a fabulous and flexible space which can be used as one large space or split up for smaller sessions and breakout groups. We can set up sessions informally with...

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26 Sep Welcome to our new training hub

Good news! Our new Training Hub is up and running and able to host more and better training events. We now have three dedicated training spaces that can be used for a single large event with separate break-out areas or for three separate sessions for fifteen...

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21 Sep What makes the ideal training space?

The space we're in, how we feel about that space and how we feel in that space is crucial when we're learning. So what makes the ideal training space? And when I say ideal, I mean a space that enables people to learn because it answers...

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28 Jul Don’t leave user adoption to chance

Schools may have broken up for the holidays, but for many, the task of upgrading equipment has just begun. The long summer holiday provides the ideal time for schools to install snazzy new equipment ready for the new term. No classrooms out of use. No lessons...

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30 Jun Classroom versus online training

Which is better: classroom training or online? The answer is neither – it depends on your particular needs. So let’s take a look at them in turn. Classroom or in-person First, there’s classroom training AKA face-to-face and in-person. It's ideal for highly interactive and hands-on training that...

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09 Jun Managing the 5G workplace

There are often five generations working side-by-side in any workplace today. That means you could have school leavers working with colleagues of their parents', grandparents' or even great-grandparents' generation. While each person is an individual, not a stereotype, each generation is generally regarded as having a collective...

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