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User Adoption Specialists https://www.instrui.co.uk

End-user training

Buying technology for your organisation is just the start. Our interactive training gives users the confidence and the skills to use your new technology in their respective roles, and gets your new systems up and running smoothly.

Our experienced trainers understand different learning styles. They ensure your people get hands-on with the products, understand what it can do, how to use it and why it will benefit them.

We tailor training to the needs of your people and your organisation. And we make training an enjoyable and valued experience for your staff, whether you choose our full-day on-site training, our webinar-based courses, video training tools or a mixture of formats.

All of which means your people, leave with the knowledge, confidence and motivation they need to turn your investment into an essential tool of the job.

We train on AV and IT technologies including collaboration, interactive touch, video conferencing, digital signage, room booking and control.

You can also choose from our range of add-on services:

Software commissioning – we set-up the software prior to training

Digital signage template creation – we make the templates so you don’t have to

Technical support – we’re on hand to help your users solve their issues

We also build bespoke training programmes for your organisation.

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User Adoption Specialists https://www.instrui.co.uk

User adoption consultancy

An effective user adoption  and engagement strategy wins the hearts and minds of your users to drive and sustain usage – so you enhance the value of your investment.

Our user adoption consultants work with you to identify the impact of the technology on your staff and their working methods so you can drive and sustain usage, overcome barriers and measure results.

Whether you are a school or university, a business or public sector organisation, we devise and deliver blended programmes of training and support that:

Drive adoption and engagement when your deployment goes live

Support staff use in the early weeks

Sustain usage over time

Embed new working practices.

Contact us for your free 30 minutes, telephone needs analysis consultation.

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Case study

Discover how user adoption formed part of change management when a global events and publishing business introduced an agile and collaborative working culture.

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Content services

We create the content you need to get up and running smoothly. We create custom video training and support tools, build interactive iBooks and design digital signage templates to get you started.

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Support services

We build customer support solutions for our partners to ensure they deliver a consistently high-quality user experience at installation and beyond. Our support services include:

Outsourced helpdesks

Video support tools

Installation and commissioning

Maintenance and support

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Technical training

Your technical support staff need expert training so they provide the high-quality service you rely on.

We provide technical training to our partners and to in-house support teams.

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Demo services

Good demos sell. So why leave it to chance?

Whether you need a demonstrator for a client presentation or extra demo staff for an exhibition, our expert product demo services fit the bill.

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